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AAI Joins the IDOT Propane Industry Working Group

On November 9, the Iowa DOT held their first Iowa Propane Industry Working Group meeting in Des Moines, IA. The association was formally invited by the Iowa DOT to join this working group. Reilly Vaughan, Membership Director, attended representing AAI.

The working group was created due to the 2013-14 winter residential and commercial severe propane shortage and sharp price increase. Our continued involvement in this important issue will hopefully lead to an optimized supply chain strategy. The core goals of the working group are to be better informed on propane demands and to proactively define viable contingencies to actively manage disruptions and fluctuations in the propane supply.

The Iowa DOT partnered with Quetica Consulting to provide a scientific approach to understand the root causes of the issues that resulted in the propane shortage. Then, to effectively identify and prioritize investment opportunities for an optimized freight transportation network to lower costs for Iowa businesses.

“It is important that AAI participates in this working group because the majority of our membership use and sell┬ápropane. The more knowledge that we have of the propane inventory the better we can mitigate shortages and price spikes, that impact the membership and their customers.” says Vaughan.

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