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Grassroots Committees

Agronomy Committee

Chair: Steve Meyerholz 

The mission of this committee is to work from a grassroots level on all issues related to the growth and protection of crops.  This involves good stewardship and practices for the health and viability of food production.  This committee deals mainly with fertilizer and crop protection issues.

Environment Committee

Chair: Vacant

A main goal is to help bring an understanding to the complexities of food production as it relates to being safe and viable for generations to come.  This committee helps use science, facts, long term data and new emerging technologies to help with becoming a better industry in terms of resources used while maintaining profitability.

Feed & Livestock Committee

Chair: Leland McKinney, DFS Feed

This committee works on all things livestock (largely swine and bovine) from new regulations to emerging technologies.  New regulations in food production are always a constant and this committee works to make sure regulators understand our industry.

Grain Committee

Chair: Scott Stabbe, Key Cooperative

With corn and soybeans being the main two commodity crops in Iowa, this committee is on the front-line working with regulators, legislators, and academia to keep corn and soybean production and handling part of the state’s backbone.  Issues range from dust control, the Grain Indemnity Fund, trade, and all things in between.

Legislative Committee

Chair: Matt Caswell AGP 

The focus of this committee is to work with all the other committee in order to prioritize what is needed to be taken to the legislature, if needed.  The chairperson of their respective committee is the basis for this committee along with those members who have the passion for legislative work.

Membership Committee

Chair: Mike Moellenbeck, River Valley Coop

Our association is a volunteer & dues based association that is only as good as our most engaged members.  This committee strives to maintain and find members that help agribusinesses across Iowa.  This committee also works on member activities, finding ways to network and learn from one another – it can’t all be work!

Transportation Committee

Chair: Vacant

Without our world class infrastructure there would be no way to move our abundance of good and services.  Agriculture relies heavily on our road, rail, and waterway systems to make it all happen.  Today we have challenges to upgrade and fix our systems that have been in place for generations.  This committee works to make sure that transportation of agricultural products is done as safe a way possible without over burdensome issues.

Agribusiness Showcase & Conference Planing Committee

Chair: Kevin Drury, Hedlin Ag

This committee helps plan the annual Showcase & Conference, including the Agribusiness Career Day and Ag Industry Crop Management Conference. Their goal is to provide a wonderful exhibiting and attending experience.


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