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Why Become a Member of AAI

AAI Negotiations More Than Pay For Your Dues

The AAI staff negotiates daily with state and federal regulators for individual members and companies on compliance issues saving thousands of dollars in consulting and legal fees in many cases. The AAI Staff is a direct connect to answer many of your questions you don’t have time to research that impact your business daily.

Make AAI Your First Call for Help and Information

AAI has successfully negotiated air permit criteria for all grain elevators with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources bringing the industry in compliance with IDNR and EPA regulations. These negotiations have saved an average grain elevator at least $1000 to $5000 in fees. These successfully negotiated terms included on line applications and a reasonable time to come into compliance.

AAI is actively engaged and serving in a leadership role in the rewriting of the 2009 ANSI Standards as they relate to anhydrous ammonia. Industry and regulators recognize these standards nationally. AAI participation provides a common sense approach on regulations. AAI continues to educate retail ag centers on the requirement of readable data plates on anhydrous ammonia tanks saving members from automatic $10,000 fines for operating equipment that are not legal. AAI educational meetings cover many other issues related to NH3, fall application of fertilizers, and manure applications giving value to many AAI members they cannot get elsewhere.

AAI is represented on the Iowa Renewable Fuels Board that has been distributing the $13 million state program designed to increase the number of retail locations, tank wagons and terminals selling biodiesel and E-85 fuel. Many AAI members have received thousands of dollars in grants from this program.

AAI continues to support state regulation of the industry and agriculture in general. Uniform state regulations save thousands of dollars annually for ag retailers vs. having different regulations to comply with in each county or state jurisdiction.

AAI Represents Your Industry

AAI has a strong committee process that represents the diversity of the industry. All AAI members are encouraged to join a committee and let your voice be heard on issues that impact your business. Please contact our office for more information on the committees.

These are just a few areas where AAI continues to work for you. Giving you a return on membership investment many times over is our goal! Our members set the policy and agenda of your Agribusiness Association.


We appreciate your support and again ask you to make AAI your first call for help!

AAI “Working for you everyday”

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